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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Update on Lap Band Journey, yeah right!

January 11th  appointment with primary doctor to discuss Lap-Band and get ok from her
January 26th  info just received at Insurance Approval Dept.
Feb 21 or 28th (cant remember which) info sent to Medical Director after repeated calls from me to ask about                                                   status of authorization for CONSULTATION!
March 10 still no answer

I have called everyday for weeks now.  They are only open M-Th and I know they are short staffed but seriously.  This is rather annoying don't you think?

Due to my financial situation and my desperate need to start cleaning some houses for money I have not been real angry or even excited about getting the Band.  I just don't see how I can do it right now (even if I had the ok)  My husband makes pretty good money but it is not enough to pay for everything.  I am trusting in God to provide for us but i am hustling for the jobs.

Anyways, on to bigger and better things.  Below is a couple pictures I took a couple of weeks ago.  They are not the ones I had mentioned before were I was in underwear and a sports bra.  This is still showing enough to see where I need to shed.  Oh and next tuesday will be my measuring day.  I took my measurement last month for the first time.  I think Ronnie did the same.  I have lost 7.5 pounds so far so I am hoping it will show up a little in the measurements.

I feel so huge when I look at these pictures.  Crazy thing is I don't feel like I look.  I know me and Lauren often talk about that.  We are so much cuter than our reflection shows us sometimes.
I could have at least put on make-up or did my hair, that might have
Oh well...........that's me........a whole lot to love.


  1. You start where you start, nothing wrong with that. And I do suggest measurements, it's really helpful! At least it has been so far for me. :)

    I really hope you find a way to get your surgery, I know how hard it is when you feel like you have no options. I waited for two years to find a way to pay for mine and it was the hardest thing ever. But you will find a way!

  2. I hate that you are having so many issues with getting approved. I didn't even have that option so I went the mexico route but as you read on my blog crap tried to prevent that too. Sometimes I think we are given these issues to help us apprieciate (sp?) the blessing more later. If you had to fight hard to get there you won't be so easily tempted into old ways later. Good luck and you are in my prayers.

  3. Way to go on the pounds lost! This whole process can be a bit frustrated. I try to not think about it as much and just stay focused on my eating and exercising. Trusting in God in all you do will work for the better! I am trusting in him to lead me in whatever way he has plans for me. I believe that it is all Him giving me the motivation to work out and eat right. I praise God for this! I needed it badly! :)

  4. My surgery was postponed for a year because of insurance issues. I was super bummed at first, but then went on and that time was gone before I knew it. This will happen for you!

    I know exactly what you mean about not feeling what you see in the mirror. I RARELY felt fat. I don't feel much different now from a self-concept perspective now, 98 lbs down, than I did at my highest. I think that's a good thing. With that said, I sure feel a lot different physically and that is also a good thing!