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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Good and Bad Weekend

So it seems that food is coming at me from all angles, and tons of it.  Saturday evening our church had a meet and greet AND EAT with a Pastor we are looking at to hire.  It was a great turnout.  I have not seen so much food at one of our functions before.  There was about four long tables full of food and one table with desserts.  I didn't overeat but I did have some desserts too.  I do feel guilty about that.  Met the Pastor and really like him.

Today, I had to face the biscuits and gravy in the morning and I didn't even hesitate to make a plate and start eating.  I squirted some tabasco on it and dug in.  I actually didn't finish with the whole plate because I realized that it really didn't taste as good as I remember.  I still ate too much of it.  Today after church we went to Farmer Boys and I am staring up at the menu and am daunted by the calorie content..........INSANE.  I picked a cup of chili and a side salad and water.  Tonight I had some raw veggies and cantaloupe and a peanut butter sandwich. I am thinking that if I am to lose anything by my weigh-in I will probably have to do a protein shake, soup diet.

I called the Medical group last thursday to see if a decision had been made yet and they said no, but a girl from my primary care doctors office called them and asked them to expedite the authorization.  I dont know if that will speed things along any faster but at least I know my drs office is keeping up on things too.
I am thinking after this weekend that I really need the help the band will provide.  I seem to do ok for a while with my will power but then it backs down.  I know that the book i was reading was helping but I havent been able to read it lately.

Do any of you have any suggestions for me?  RONNIE, I LOVE YOU!  No I am not turning into a lesbian.  I just wanted to show my love.  Ronnie always comments and I really appreciate that.

Oh and the good part of my weekend.  We voted in our candidate as our new Pastor.  So glad, he seems great.  Well, I gotta go.........gotta pick up mom from the ER (asthma).



    And don't deprive yourself and go on a protein shake diet, those are no fun! Just keep doing what you're doing (because you're doing great!) and the weight will come off. :)

    Glad you found a great new pastor, those are hard to come by these days!

  2. You are doing a great job and we all understand how hard it is to dodge all that flying food. I still have issues with it but at least I have the help of my band. Keep up the good work.

  3. Just keep doing what you're doing. With or without the band, you will have to deal with times when there's a lot of food available. The band helps us to STOP eating when we're full, but we can still make horrible choices.