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Monday, March 7, 2011

I'm back

Back from the Woman's Retreat.  It was a challenge but I really enjoyed the times I went out to this little area and spent some alone time with God.  I put my phone on a timer and took this picture.  Funny....wonder if anyone seen me do this.  Ha ha  oh well.  I appreciate all the prayers I received from you all.
It was crazy how much we ate.  Three square meals a day.............who does that???? lol  There was good food and I never ate till I was stuffed but I did feel like I had eaten more in those two days then in a long time.  I was dreading any gain I was surely to have.  Although, there was walking and hills so I didn't feel guilty for eating.

So this morning I took my shame walk to my scale and lo and behold I had only gained a HALF pound.  Hallelujah!  haha  So I am back to connecting with my body and only eating when I am hungry.

I will be back to speed with all the blogs soon, bare with me----you guys are busy.  Hope your Monday is fabulous.


  1. Your phone has a camera timer on it??? Im jealous!!! My camera does but not my phone, lol.

  2. A woman's retreat sounds awesome! To connect with God on any level is an awesome experience! I'll have to see if there is one in my area. Doesn't if feel good when the scale is good to ya!? lol!!!